Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow in Central Texas

For the 2nd time since we moved here 3.5 years ago, it snowed in our city. Okay, snow, sleet, rain, pellets, snow. I guess the whole city shut down over 1/4 inch accumulation. On the one hand that makes me smile coming from NJ where we still would have had school today, on the other hand, I know they don't have the infastructure down here to deal with 1/4" of snow to have business as usual (and why should they).

On my 3rd hand (or 1st foot), school was cancelled today AND tomorrow. Woot woot for a 5 day weekend. Boo Hoo for at least 2 extra days tacked onto the school year now. On my 2nd foot, I'm going stir crazy since I can't go driving anywhere. There is quilting and knitting and web surfing and reading and puzzles .... oh yea, and schoolwork that's sitting lonely in the corner (LiC), and AP calculus audit work (LiC), and textbook committee work (LiC). Hey, they should get together and complete themselves, so that I don't feel too guilty for choosing crafts over work. Tomorrow I'll work more .... yesssssssss, that's it.


  1. Anonymous12:03 AM

    It's cold tonight in New York today, but still we haven't had any snow stick yet this year, and you must have seen pictures of the days in the 70s last week?

    I don't want the glaciars to melt and flood our cities, but having a mild winter? The mildest in my lifetime? Today as I walked home I realized that my Fall jacket really wasn't enough.

  2. Yes, I saw various pictures of the northeast, some people were exercising outdoors in shorts. Crazy.

    Now I just heard some different theory about glaciers the other day. They likened it to ice cubes in a glass of water: if ice cubes melt, the water doesn't rise because it's the same displacement. They said it's that way with glaciers.

    Now. Is the first part really true? Maybe it imperceptibly rises. And if it IS true, aren't there other factors with glaciers?

    Ms. Cookie

  3. I'm north of you in OK and we got our ice last weekend (about 3 inches). We got out early on Friday (I've never had that happen!) and today is our 3rd day out for this storm. We also had 2 days out in Dec for a major snow storm. At this rate, I'll never make it back to school! I'm waiting on my Audit until they post the template online so I can see what they want. I do need to work on grades though *sigh*

  4. Oh no .... 5 make up days?! I feel for you.

    About the audit. If you scan AP Central and hunt around the calculus portions, they have about 3-4 sample syllabi on each that give an indication.

    here is the address for the curricular resources where I found the syllabuses (syllabi) ... oh, you know.

    Now if I can just make some progress...
    Ms. Cookie