Thursday, March 02, 2006

Senior Cut Day

Apparently, tomorrow (Friday) is "senior cut day". Hmph. And I only found out about it because I announced a test in all my classes last week, and a kiddy said, "but it's ...... ".

I don't want to condone cutting, so I'm probably shooting myself in the foot and making it harder to get all kids ultimately tested, but I'm going through with it. .... And I guess it doesn't help that tons of OTHER kids will also be out for tennis, track, baseball, business club contests, .... . ... But it's too late now. Hmmmm, wonder how I'll deal in the morning. I did give them the big scary lecture about how if you cut during a test, you get a zero. bla bla bla. Let's see what happens.

1 comment:

  1. Stand strong.

    The "real world" doesn't have a lot of opportunities for cut days. Take too many cut days from work and soon ALL your days are cut days.

    I loved the movie Ferris Bueller, but I never cut classes myself. Then again, now I'm a homeschooler / unschooler...

    Stand by your word.