Thursday, March 09, 2006

Chaperoning Trip

Well, all 12 of us (2 adults, 10 students) are off to the northeast for our whirlwind, 7 day, 5 college visit tour. Sub plans are ready, I'm packed and sleep-deprived. Hopefully, I can sleep on the planes without snoring or drooling too much. I have 5 of the traveling students in class, so they'll be happy to know that I brought their Thursday & Friday homework with me :).

The kids are excited, but I guess I'm too much of a (nonmom) "mom" because I'm worrying about a pack of 12 of us walking around NYC. And can you imagine Times Square? There's no moving room as it is, how are we going to all stick together? Oh well, deep breaths and optimism.

I tried to pack light, as per Rick Steve's suggestion for traveling. I think I was successful, but I haven't measured the bag I used to see if it was a 9"x14"x22" carry on like he suggested for ANY trip.

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