Sunday, August 21, 2005

Weekend Treats

It sure was nice being able to sleep past 3:30am for the last 2 weekend days AND take naps in the middle of the day. I think I'm almost all caught up and ready to "de-sleep" this upcoming week. I also had lunch (after yoga) with S. today, who started at my same high school the same year I did, and left before this year to go to a charter school for various reasons. She's teaching math and science to middle schoolers, and it sounds like she's already making an impact. Oh my goodness, more power to the people who work with little people. I do not think I could handle that age range with their bouyant (sp?) energy and little hormones and tattling and such. Ooh, and the "no time to go to the bathroom" issue? Blach. BUT. Her classes are all less than 18 students. Yum. And it sounds like she gets to do some cool science experiments.

I brought work home (the dreaded 7 day work week), and gosh golly, it sure is hard to get motivated to do it. ... Okay, here I go.

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