Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Way Around It?

I think I hit upon a way around the crappy thing our admin is trying to do to this one teacher. This teacher and 2 others of us teach "upper level" courses, and an e-mail was to be sent around that we will also pick up a freshman class that guides the kids who are doing poorly in algebra 1. Their intent was to make this person quit without actually firing them (this is my 2nd hand information and is most likely true). So the 3 of us are going to meet and come up with constructive suggestions about this class (that was not necessarily successful this year). We'll (hopefully) come across as team players and if we have to teach such a class, maybe it will be a good one and not another canned, half-baked attempt at a solution. (the e-mail was sent around later that morning ...)

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