Saturday, April 23, 2005

Not Again

TAKS week is finally over, and all in all it went well. I'm tired, but it seemed the kids really put out an effort. But then my crappy "after lunch" period had to happen, and then I got 2nd hand news about another crap ass situation brewing that put a pall (sp?) on the whole week.

First of all I have this freaky bizarro kid in my afternoon class. He's immature and a "rebel" and it's always something with him. Fine, I can deal. Then I have this other senior in class, who sometimes comes and sometimes doesn't. Bad attitude and general bad ethics. I'm back at the computer checking grades on some kids and all of a sudden I hear this senior get up and walk across the room and basically threaten this other freak kid. Jerk(s). I dealt with it after class, but what an ass.

Then on my afternoon prep period, another teacher comes in to tell me of how the admin is trying to get rid of this math teacher in an underhanded sort of way. They've in no way ever told this teacher that there's a problem. There's probably no paper trail. There've been no attempts to help this teacher out of whatever problem they think there is. But now it seems they want to brew up this scenario to make this teacher resign without them having to fire the person. What a load of crap crap crap. That's one of the reasons I left my old school because of just such a situation with another teacher. I'm in an ethical (moral?) bind now, because the particular teacher just the other day asked me if I'd heard anything about next year and how they didn't know from year to year if they'd be rehired because kids are dropping out of this persons class and there've been complaints. .... Now that I know information, I feel I should in some way share it with this person, or else I'm also contributing to this devious crap.


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