Saturday, April 30, 2005

Field Trip

It was so nice to have a break from the little kiddies yesterday ... I helped chaperone a day trip to a local college for our AVID kids. They all behaved so wonderfully that it was a refreshing treat to be reminded how good some of our kids are. They were polite and thoughtful and well behaved. Yea. Then, since I had an all day sub and we got back at about 2pm (and school ends at 4:15), I "snuck" away to do some "chores". I went to my quilt shop and had a great time looking over all sorts of gorgeous materials and daydreaming and planning my "starter" quilt .... that will help me learn this technique I'm enamored with. I also bought blocks to make a "practice" quilt on which I will learn to machine quilt. Ka-ching ka-ching. This is getting pricey if I stop and think about how much I'm spending. Eh. Life's short.

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