Wednesday, April 20, 2005

5 weeks and counting

What does it say that I am SO counting the days until summer. .... Probably just that I'm a modern teacher and am tired tired tired. Yesterday was the first day of TAKS, and it went pretty well. Of course my afternoon classes were shocked. SHOCKED I tell you that we were actually doing anything. Of course some of them didn't bring their supplies. Whatever. We muddled through the day. ... I'm still struggling with a few students, but nothing major. .... I looked back on some stuff I'd written about last year's class, and I guess I forgot how trying they could be. It must be that way every year, and I forget, and maybe that's a good (bad?) thing because I can start fresh. Who knows.

In other news, I'm totally enthralled with all my new-ish hobbies that actually give me a life outside of school. Tap dancing once a week is great. My occasional quilting classes add to the mix. Then top that off with learning Spanish, doing yoga, and honking on my harmonica, and you have a teacher that can tune out of the school stress into other fun stuff.

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