Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Straight Line Motion: Calculus

I don't know if this was effective today. We had a late start day, and the kids are already in SPRING BREAK mode, and everyone was brain dead. Did I kill them, or are they just being teens? The second one. Yes. 

Anyway, this  is what my students worked on to get a sense of position, velocity, and acceleration. I think I need to follow it up with more of the same, just to get them in the right frame of mind.



  1. You came up with another cute way to motivate students by using Waldo. I love the worksheet. Thank you for sharing. Anastasia Martin EDM 510 Blog

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  4. Do you have an answer key for this? If so I would love a copy. I am a new calculus teacher and I want to make sure that I am doing it right before I give it to students. Thank you so much!
    melissaroth8015 (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Did you get the solution?