Thursday, March 06, 2014

Straight Line Motion and AP-Style Questions...

Last year, I broke up notes into 3 different days, and yada yada yada'd my way through things in this unit. I did examples. I put definitions. I did tables and graphs and stuff. Do you see all those "I"s floating around?

This year, I gave a flipped lesson on ONE page of all inclusive notes on Straight Line Motion. Then we did "Waldo". I think that went okay. Today I did something I learned of in an AP workshop where one person is in the role of either positive/negative velocity and a 2nd person is in the role of pos/neg acceleration. They walked it out, and we discussed how the forces either work together to speed up or against each other to slow down. Someone made a funny video of it in my class. Good times.

Then "we" did THIS. I think it's good because it mixes calculator and non calculator skills. It also asks specific ONE question each on pos/veloc/accel type things that I found on free response questions. I also like the answer bank because of the immediate feedback the kids get so that they work harder and more instantly on figuring out things.


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