Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Thank You Pinterest

I was browsing on the math section of Pinterest the other day and found a math activity for elementary school kids.  It was similar to this (but of course I can't find the pin anymore). If the link doesn't work, picture this: you have some number (say 23) and there is a box above it and a box below it, and the instructions are something like, "subtract 8 from the number and add 8 to the number". It seemed like a nice graphical organizer for notes and to practice. 

I made one for drilling derivatives and anti-derivatives.

Then I got all crazy and thought about colors. We are just starting u-substitution, and part of the issue for kids is to identify the "u" and the "du possibility". I made a sheet where they had to color the u one way and the du another. Here is a sheet with the key on it.

This was meant to be quick classwork. HAH!. What crazy person put 21 problems on the left? Next time less problems. Also, I THINK I like the right hand side, but time ran out, and I haven't asked the kids if either side was useful yet. 


  1. Can we get a copy without the answers? This would be great practice.

  2. I really like how you used Pinterest to create the derivative worksheet. I am a math teacher and I am following your blog this semester for an EDM 510 class at the University of South Alabama. I will be summarizing some of your posts (and my responses) on my EDM 510 class blog once a month. Feel free to visit the EDM 510 blog at EDM 510 Class Blog, or my class blog at Anastasia Martin EDM 510 Blog. You can also follow me on twitter @anastasia5360.

  3. Love.It. and everything on your blog!!! I teach Alg 1 and Alg 2 at a small school in Northern Illinois :) GO MATH TEACHERS!!!

  4. Can you post an electronic copy? I'm getting ready to do u-substitution next week and I'd love to use this!