Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ice Day!

Yeesh, at this rate, school will be out in July or something. We had sleety drippy cold 27F weather this morning, and it started out as a two hour delay. Yay! I could go to school and torture teach children. I left early anyway to treat myself to breakfast out. Also, I live about 24 miles or so from school, so I wanted to leave with PLENTY of time for the icy road conditions. I did see some slipping and sliding, and here are my car tires when I arrived.

Then, what's this? School is canceled. Yeesh. Now I am killing time by surfing and blogging.

On a positive note, LOVE my mini iPad and the local natural foods place with free wifi and friends I can chat with on Facebook. I think it is almost warm enough to make the trek "back north" without fear of accidents. Maybe there is lunch out in my future. Must keep up the energy to come up with more teaching techniques ( and by teaching techniques, I mean gentle ribbing of the kidlets ).


  1. NYC rarely has snow days . Last Wed was treacherous but schools opened without any delay. Attendance was about 40% and no teaching took place because of teacher absence.

  2. I guess that surprises me, PO. Weather gets nasty up north. What are they thinking? Public transportation? Money issues? Crazy.