Friday, July 22, 2011


Okay, so I'm SLOWLY working through my to do list:

But this is HEAVILY sprinkled with the fun things I've done.

My coffee cup from a paint-your-own pottery place. LOVE the 20 oz. cups:

My agenda book for next year. I found a ton of pictures and sayings and taped them on the covers. Now I just have to make all the calendars for the back section, and I'll be ready to roll.



This agenda book idea worked really well last year, and then towards the end of the year, I looked at another person's book, and she had a running numbered list of things she had to accomplish then crossed out(instead of just higglety pigglety around all pages). I started doing that, and loved it.


  1. smellslikeonions3:26 PM

    I coveted your agenda book. You actually inspired me to make my own this year. I have tried the calendars, planners, everything...but I think the hand drawn calendar mixed with lines for notetaking and other things is perfect. Better watch out.......I'm going to trade in my mom mobile for a blue 2 door civic and dye my hair blonde....

  2. Stinky!

    Like all good ideas, it was totally pilfered/adapted/borrowed from a ton of people:
    2 sped teachers ago (bound book)
    1 geography teacher ago (pictures)
    1 middle school counselor (#ed list)
    current agenda book adaptation.

    As for the mom-mobile .... better for the transport of hyena-laughing teachers for all sorts of refreshments.

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