Sunday, July 31, 2011


You know how certain segments of society are all, "oh no, I need to lose weight. I need to get fit. I need to look more attractive. I feel bad about myself because I'm not thin/pretty/hot/young like people I see on TV/ads/movies." (no names mentioned)

We need a society where the stress is more, "oh no, I need to be more ethical. I need to be a nicer person. I need to do more good for the world. I feel bad about myself because I'm not nice/ethical/good-natured."

Or reverse, instead of, "I'm hot spit because I'm attractive." This needs to be more, "I feel GREAT about me because I'm basically a good person."

Where's THAT parallel universe?


  1. Smelly onion girl...especially after moving her stuff8:40 PM

    are we living parallel lives? on the way home from Houston Dave and I had a conversation centered around that. There was an amber alert for a vehicle that wounded a police officer and that started the conversation of why don't they do that for EVERYONE to what you just posted. Right with you.

  2. I vote y'all ON my planet. AND even though you have a child, you can still be in my "calling circle slash phone chain" of old people (when we get there) where we all do the daily, "hi! are you still alive today? great! talk to you tomorrow."