Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trips Galore...

I'm finally home after basically 3.5 weeks away: 2 weeks for the Digital Electronics training, and 1.5 weeks for visiting family old and new friends.

POed graciously agreed to meet me while I was in NYC, and we had a walking and talking marathon. She suggested tons of great places to visit: the highline park, riverside park, yotel, gershwin hotel, and YES, the best pizza ever - at Ray's way down south. You know it's a great pizza place when you ask for fresh garlic as a topping, and they pile 2 heaping tablespoons full on top. My husband will be surprised that even I had to scrape some off. I'm very impressed with POed, though, she was not such a sissy and finished all her garlic topping like a champ.

Love her, by the way - she's smart, friendly, caring, and fun to trade war stories with. Here are some pictures from NYC.

Sculpture along Riverside Park:

Another Riverside Park sculpture .... inside was basically living quarters - bed, chair, toilet, ....:

Yotel. This was a robot in the entryway and you could command it to store your baggage in these little drawers. How cool is that?

Highline Park, built along old railroad tracks:

View from Highline Park. There's amphitheater type seating with a Plexiglas window in front where you can watch the street action:

Sculpture from one of the many parks we passed on our trek:


  1. Glad you made it back safe and sound. Hope you didn't get caught in that torrential rainstorm like I did.

  2. Oy! Was that on Friday? I think it happened also in DC after I got to my friends' house. Anyway, it was great fun hanging out with you, and again, if you're ever down in these parts, you're welcome to stay at our house or at least call and visit.