Sunday, January 02, 2011

Slug Behavior

Yeesh! Okay, so I'm sick, and my favorite activities involve sitting a lot, but holy cow, one reason I'll be glad school is starting again is that it prevents me from lounging around and expanding in front of the gas fireplace and doing puzzles ... or walking a few steps to the cushy couch to do puzzles ... or walking to the computer to do online puzzles ... or using my husband's iPad to play Arctopia or Sudoku. Honestly, I burned 1 calorie yesterday, and that was just from the exertion of blowing my nose repeatedly.

I did get this great new puzzle book, "The Monster Book of Logic Puzzles & Sudoku", and that made me search on line to see if nikoli had a website. YES!. My new favorites are Heyawake, and Yajilin.

I think I'd be in danger of becoming like those chair people in Wall-E if I don't watch it. On a positive note, we're going to Alamo Drafthouse for a movie and dinner tonight (True Grit) - a great way to end vacation. Dinner WHILE you're watching a movie ... does it get any better?


  1. Just saw True Grit at Alamo Draft House. It was so good. Went to see the King's Speech also. King's Speech was definitely my favorite movie of the entire year.

  2. Hey! What good taste you have :) ... I do want to see, "King's Speech" (heard great things about it), so I'll just save that for an upcoming weekend.

    I love those movies that are good AND make you want to go back and (re?)learn the history behind it.

  3. Hey there,

    I want to let you know that your blog is in the running for February's “Blog-o’-the-Month” at ISTE Island’s Bloggers Hut in Second Life. If that’s a whole series of question marks for you, no matter, just good luck and congrats! If you google “Oh!VirtualLearning!” just like that you’ll see the post where your nomination is announced to our ISTE community.