Monday, January 17, 2011

Ocean Beach

I went on a solo vacation this MLK 3-day weekend holiday to Ocean Beach, CA, which is in/near San Diego. I'm guessing I left at a good weather time since it was drizzly and "cold" in our town. Brrrrr, 40's and 50's (spoiled TX person talking here). As I was walking around OB in jeans and thin layered tee's, I was hot and had to change to shorts. Nice. Well, except for the pasty white leg skin.

My hotel was RIGHT on the beach and had this view out the door:

People were surfing and walking the pier all weekend:

Palm trees everywhere, day and night:

Most of the electrical boxes were decorated:

A little south of town, there were dramatic cliffs:

I had to laugh at this sign on a church .... is this therapy for teachers who've HAD it with state-wide-testing?

It's a funky little town, and you can walk it all and get by without a car. I took the super shuttle in from the airport (10 minutes away). I took the public bus and trolley to old town and downtown. All in all a relaxing and fun diversion before the school craziness starts again on Tuesday.


  1. It is always great to get away. Glad you had a good time.

  2. Sounds like fun. I stayed home and pouted about the cold, rainy, central Texas weather.

  3. Thanks! It was fun, and I'm already scheming for next year :)