Friday, January 14, 2011

Ribbon Hanging and Paper Foldables

I wanted to display all my students' posters, but appARENTLY hot glue ruins the backs of paper. I don't know why I didn't process that. I'm new to this whole hot glue on the wall business, and I saw that it just peeled off easily FROM the wall, and so I didn't think it further .... or something like that. Or maybe all the previous things I hot-glued were laminated. Anyhow, I asked our awesome librarian if she had any suggestions for displaying 90 plus papers. She suggested this:

You staple the papers to nice wide ribbon, and then hot glue the RIBBON to the wall. Presto!

Also, we just finished the Isosceles Triangle Theorem and its converse buddy, and here is how my students took notes. Love it.


  1. Love the foldable! I have made it my goal to do at least 1 foldable a week this semester. Even better is that you were able to get the students to have notes on the inside.
    This is one of the best foldables I have seen yet!

  2. Thanks! Notes always seem nicer on colored paper and in a stark difference from regular lined paper notes.

  3. OMG, ribbon, why didn't I think of this? I am always having this problem due to my cinder block walls! Goin' to Hobby Lobby tomorrow.

    Did you like True Grit? Go see the King's Speech. I've seen it twice already. It is amazing.

  4. I KNOW...every time I hear of a new idea, I think, HAH! what took me so long to learn this? Makes me want to go pick more people's brains.

    I loved True Grit ... though I sometimes flash back to the "fingers incident" in the shack. Ew!

    And I do want to see King's Speech .... it just hasn't been at a convenient time at Alamo ... curses.

    And NOW, I'm in Ocean Beach, CA :) .... my hotel is RIGHT on the ocean and I'm off to breakfast.

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