Friday, October 22, 2010

Logic Proof Projects...

I collected the Logic Proof projects the other day. Actually, I just called it a "homework" and assigned homework credit. They had class time to work on it, and they checked with me as to the correctness of their setup and proof before they committed to poster board. And even with that, some students made mistakes, or didn't check with me, so some aspects of the project/homework were not satisfied. I guess that's par for the course. Here are 5 that passed muster and were clever.

Did I tell you the wonders of hot glue. A teacher at my school swears by it, and puts up all her posters and such with hot glue. I guess as long as it's on painted cinder block walls it's okay .... I guess I'll find out in June (ahem).


  1. We are allowed to use low temp glue guns. They need to be reglued every now and then but seem to work ok on the cinder block walls. I use poster tape from the Schoolbox on the door.

    Great projects!!

    I pulled your vampire bunnies example into a word doc and handed it to a young artist friend this week to decorate the border with vampire bunnies and butterflies. I will scan it and send you a copy when I get it back.

  2. Thanks, Ricochet!

    So I keep hearing about this "low temp" glue .... hope that's what mine is. I guess I could get off my fanny and investigate, but it seems to be working so far, and I haven't burned anything/anyone (yet).

    Also, never heard of poster tape .... will look into it.

    Ms. Cookie