Saturday, October 16, 2010

Logic Culmination

We're almost finished with our logic unit, and soon we'll be moving on to actual geometry flow proofs. To cap it off, I assigned my students the following:

I made sure to have them check with me before they thought they were done (we had class time to work on it). The first draft of many of them either didn't work, or had too few steps or whatnot. They were really excited and seemed to have fun making up weird problems. Here's a sneak preview .... and I'll post some final products later.


"If vampire bunnies drink our blood, then we die out.
If we die out, then vampire bunnies will take over.
Vampire bunnies drink our blood or the butterflies will save us.
Vampire bunnies don't take over.
Therefore, the butterflies will save us."

Let B stand for "vampire bunnies drink our blood"
Let D stand for "we die out"
Let T stand for "vampire bunnies take over"
Let S stand for "butterflies save us"

B implies D
D implies T
B or S
not T
therefore, S


  1. Is the vampire bunnies your example or one of your students?

  2. It's from a student ... I also briefly saw ones involving Paris and marriage and Harry Potter. We'll see what they finally come up with.

    Ms. Cookie