Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Almost Over

I remember how in the past someone had mentioned to me, "Students like routine. They want to have a sense of comfort of what to expect and such." I don't remember the context of the conversation, but I was thinking about it over break. I apparently like routine, too.

Break's all well and good - I slept about 8 or 9 hours every night, delicious; I got to go to bookstores during the day and browse and come upon great new books to read (hello, "Little Bee"). I went rollerblading 3 times in the afternoons (goodbye fish-white pallor ... almost), etc. But. I miss my routines. I missed my 2 favorite yoga classes for various reasons; tap dance class follows the school schedule, so it was canceled. I didn't run at 5am MWF, well, because, who in their right mind would get up at 5am if they didn't have to, I miss my Thursday morning treat of having breakfast out at a 24-hour diner before school and reading the paper and doing the puzzles. I miss the free exercise of being on the go all day and not having easy access to my refrigerator (hello tighter pants).

Waa waa waa. All that is to say, that though I won't like the stress, I'll be happy to go back on Monday and get back to my well-tuned-and-familiar routine. Then pretty soon I can start my finger countdown of weeks until summer .... and then I have to find other ways to resist the fridge and the sitting all day.

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