Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ode to Freshman Test Takers

Nine Questions. Blank blank blank blank, scribble times four, blank. Partial credit does not compute.

Let me practice writing my name. All over the paper. Curly, squirrely, poorly Q's. First and last name. Oops, ran out of time to complete many problems.

Week-long note on the board: TEST! solving by elimination, solving systems of inequalities, graphing inequalities in two variables. This was not code for DON'T STUDY.

Earnest note at the bottom of a half blank test, "do not understand this part. will come in for tutoring on Friday."

Many practice problems involved integers. Or. GASP. Minor fractions. One Half. GASP GASP. Negative one half.

Thus, my befuddlement at your "23/67" for an answer. And your gumption at following through and plugging in to get y - 2 and 17/93. Yay. Boo. Joy and Sorrow.

Checking Your Answer. Outrageous. Don't Fall For It. She's Tricking You Into Doing Needless Work. Mwa ha ha, Teacher Lady. I will NOT be fooled!


  1. Oh Ms. Cookie, you're so maniacal with outrageous expectations for students to work hard on a test.... it is just a test, come on now. :-)

  2. Wow... had this feeling the other day. I think you also forgot the heart above the i. Heres to when they grow up.

  3. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Love it! I have a copied one to share...

    Haikus are easy
    But Math makes no sense

  4. Yes, yes, "studying" .... how quaint ... and I DID forget the heart above the i. Thank you. ... L.O.V.E. LOVE the haiku (am I the only one that goes back and counts the syllables in each line?)

    Ms. Cookie

  5. Anonymous2:20 AM

    Naw, I count 'em too.
    Thanks - I had to share it! :D