Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grading Projects

Some things I've come away with on my geometry project:

* Even if you don't get around to grading them immediately (say in a week or so), glance through them all and count them. If any students haven't turned the project in, notify them and their parents. I had one child inSIST she turned it in 1 day late in my mailbox - swearing up and down to her parents. I never saw the project. Luckily, the parents were supportive, and the child is turning it in WAY late, but turning it in .... well I say that, it's supposed to be tomorrow. We'll see.

* I like the "wow factor" component. I purposely left it vague, and just said, "wow me", and not everyone, but MANY students went beyond what I would have imagined.

* Put EVERY child's poster up if you're going to hang them .... and don't put them up in waves, do it all at once, or you'll hear about it.

* Don't assume they know how to draw "tilted rectangles" on a coordinate plane. Some just eyeballed the 90 degree angle, and didn't use slopes to force the 90 degrees.

Other than that .... spring break after tomorrow. Woo HOOOOOO. Sleep at last and movies and books and more sleep. I've also assigned a "castle project" to my IED (engineering class), and I have to build my castle on the Inventor program over break since I told them I'd do the project with them. ... Just got home from "Alice in Wonderland". Phenomenal. The creativity of people is very inspiring. It makes me want to go meditate and ponder on doing all sorts of fantastic things. The sky is apparently not the limit.

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  1. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Ahhh, sleep. Sounds good!

    I agree with the advice on "rollcall for projects" just to make sure they're all in, and on also making sure you "publish" every single one all at the same time. Those kids see what they think is injustice so quickly, and get so offended if you don't put theirs up straight away - even more so when they know theirs is relatively poor quality.