Sunday, January 04, 2015

Two Truths and a Lie

I remember when I taught in NJ years and years ago, we had 41 minute classes and saw every one of our 8 classes every day*. Now that I have block schedule and see only 4 classes a day for 90 minutes each, I marvel at how much we used to get accomplished.

I am thinking back on this because tomorrow when we go back to school, we will have a "C" day, and see all our 8 classes for 45 minutes each. Scandalous! And, as a connoisseur (thank you spell check) of last minute creating, but intermittent (again, thanks) thinking, here is what I will do with my calculus class (link):

Side Note: The year I left NJ, they were planning on having a rotating schedule the following year: 8 classes, but only 6 met each day, something to the tune of:

M - 1,2,3 ... 5,6,7
T - 2,3,4 ...  6,7,8
W - 3,4,1 ... 7,8,5
Th- 4,1,2 ... 8,5,6

Or something to that effect. Yeesh, how do you wrap your mind around that schedule. On the plus side, you would see kids in different situations, so they wouldn't all be sleepy or whatever all the time.


  1. I love your worksheet! Any way you can post some sample answers?

  2. This seems exciting... As a first year AP Calc teacher I would love to know what some sample answers to this could be...