Saturday, October 18, 2014

Boring Ceiling. Fixed That For You.

Something needed to change. I could no longer stand the travesty that was my ceiling. How could we spend day in and day out under such a boring mess? How was learning taking place? How did we all not just fall asleep under the endless white scandal that was looming over our heads?

After searching the internet for ideas and finding an art teacher that had her kids paint black and white designs ON the tiles and realizing I didn't want to go THAT far, I came up with:

 I am happy with the results. I still need more, as not all kids chose the opportunity. And as a side note ... for all the questions I get about bonus points, you'd think I'd be drowning under a pile of drawings, but, nope. Nada. I am not one for bonus points, and this was a rare instance, but, hah, go figure.



  1. So cool. How did you adhere them?

    1. Anonymous2:18 PM

      Thanks. I just used the blue (color obviously is important) clean release duck tape - one rolled up blob per corner.