Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Yearly Goal

Aaaaaannnd we're back into the swing of things at school: frenzied hamster on the wheel looking over her shoulder while madly scrambling faster, so that the big boulder does not plow into her because she did not complete a task.

Fun things for the 1 week of school so far:

* Love my students.  Because I haven't taught all the geometry kids now for a couple of years, I have tons of new student (to me) in precalculus.

* My advisory students are just funny and sweet.

* I've purged a bunch of things I've basically never used but felt I needed or "would use someday" from my classroom, including the teacher desk, and now it feels more roomy.

* I keep thinking of this quote, and it gets me through just about everything.

* I think my operating theme for THIS year is: take care of each other above all else.

It's more important to have kids feel heard and valued and loved than to "get through my to-do list". People before paper! Be present! Enjoy the little whipper-snappers.


  1. Hello Mrs. Shireen Dadmehr my name is Sammi Taylor @PoiseRed. I will be summarizing my visits to your blog on my blog Sammi Taylor on 9/14/14. I am currently enrolled in EDM 310 at The University of South Alabama in Mobile, Al. I believe you are a great inspiration to your students and it is very clear you enjoy teaching. I particularly liked your reference to the quote. I will definitely remember it when I am having a bad day in the classroom. Your theme for the year is refreshening to a current student like me. Most teachers should put paper second to people. I look forward to reading future posts. Do you have any advice for a future educator? Thank you

  2. Hi Sammi. Congratulations on choosing a rewarding career. It's challenging, and there are situations and schools that will not be ideal, but the kids, ultimately are great. Hopefully you will find fun at least in part of every day. My advice is to search out positive people and ask for lots of advice and mold it to what is true to you and works for you and your students.