Friday, September 26, 2014

Learning is Hard

Students are learning to solder in Digital Electronics. I let them tinker and figure a lot out for themselves. I do give them tips, and we had a safety discussion, and we saw a soldering video and we talked some more. But basically, once they have the kits, they have to jump right in to something they are not comfortable with. 

There are casualties. 

Hopefully, this is not a symbol on how they feel inside.


  1. I like how you had had the discussion with the students about safety and tips, but when it came to doing the project it was all on them. With many things, having to figure it out on your own is a great way to get something to stay with you for longer.

    Katie Jester's EDM 310 Blog

  2. Learning is hard. And students should be given the opportunity to struggle in a productive way. Thanks for this post. Very well said!