Saturday, August 11, 2012

First CS homework

I finished my AP Audit Syllabus, and feel like I have a huge weight off my shoulders. Yip! Now, I'm working on their first day's/week's program (I'll share when it's done), and I just finished their homework for the first night:

I'm also wondering if I'll actually get around to planning/prepping for geometry and precal and calculus and DE. Who's going to get the short end of the stick? Maybe it'll be like a baton, and I'll pass around the "phoning it in" lesson each day to various classes.

In other news of progress:


  1. Way too much work. In NYC teachers never get more than 3 preps. It is impossible to do a good job preparing for all. If you need an AP calc syllabus, let me know. I will send you mine.

  2. Hi POed. Well, it's partly my doing since I REALLY wanted to get the computer science class/program started at my school, and it's a small school, so LOTS of duties to go around for the smaller number of staff members.

  3. We,ight be in Austin in January. We have a wedding in Houston and then thought about spending a few days there or maybe San Antonio. Any suggestions?

  4. Cool (or warmish more likely). I'm partial to Austin, but there is the Alamo in San Antonio. You could also make Austin your base and just drive back and up from San Antonio for a day. And of course you're welcome to stay with us if you'd like (or at least we can have coffee or such). Let me know via e-mail.