Monday, July 30, 2012

Fun Problem...

In my insomnia, I was cruising the Internet and came across this problem:

2+3 = 10
6+5 = 66
8+4 = 96
7+2 = 63

9 + 5 = ?????

I thought that could be a fun "filler" problem or such. And maybe the follow up is to have the students write about the pattern and then make up their own.

I also bought this pattern on Etsy for a future trip I have that involves little girls to make things for.


  1. It is a fun 30-second problem, though I object to the use of the "+" as the name for the operator. Use a different symbol to indicate that the puzzle is in determining the operator, not some other trickery (like radix changes).

  2. I like the idea of a new operator symbol, too. The fun thing about the pattern is that the new operator isn't commutative, which can open up a whole new discussion.

    2 # 3 = 10 but 3 # 2 = 15