Saturday, July 14, 2012

Math Libs...

Remember Mad Libs from childhood? I thought I could piggy back off that idea for a math activity. I'm thinking either a part of the first day of school, or a day before a holiday, or some other such time. It wouldn't take all period. My guess is 15-20 minutes (longer if they do the "homework" in class). Here's a sample of one of two I want to make. I envision a "BAT" version and a "___" version with a different storyline on the back. Students should keep their version hidden from people with the other version.

Edited to note:
This idea is not affiliated with MathLibs(R), a brand used in commerce for over a decade (link to:  ).


  1. While traveling to Las Vegas from Colorado, the past two days, I've found that Mad Libs have been a fun activity to pass the time. When I saw your post I thought "wow, what a great idea!" Maybe as we continue our trip, rather than just filling in the blanks, my wife and I can create our own nerdy, math version to use in my math classes next year.

  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I've also used this mad lib format in order to practice writing equations from word problems. I created an excel formula that asks the kids to type in two adjectives, two prices, and two nouns. It then outputs a question using their chosen vocabulary and values. Hidden in the excel are cells that formulate a new problem each time with natural number solutions so you know the equations will always work out. It's limited, but the kids have a blast making up their own words. I usually use a simple mad lib to introduce the activity.

    I think you can see it here:

  3. This is wonderful - I love it!!! Are you willing to share this file? The widget with files didn't come up when I went to your blog.

    Thanks again for sharing your resourcefulness!