Thursday, May 24, 2012

Final Exams......

This morning I happened to read some teacher suggestions (a union teacher journal) on writing in the classroom. One teacher mentioned that as she handed out tests to her class, she instructed the students to write an inspiring message on their test. She mentions that they would roll their eyes but do it anyway. Then if she forgot to mention the message on later, future tests, the students reminded her.

I gave some geometry finals today, and as they got ready, I told them to write inspiring messages on their scratch paper. I mentioned that they'd do great, and they have to free up their brain cells from stressing, so they can concentrate on doing math.

I read through their messages after the test:

* Don't overthink it! Relax and everything will be okay.
* Kick butt!
* You are the smartest person in the world!
* You know things .... just try your hardest.
* I'm proud of you.


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    love this !
    I will try this on Wednesday!

  2. I'm so glad. I enjoyed reading the kids' comments, and I hope it helped some of them relax more for the stressful final.

  3. Anonymous8:25 AM

    This is a great idea! Students struggle with the concept of how both conversion or scale factor must change all dimensions, not just one. I believe that writing out the dimensions in "expanded notation" would make them more aware of this fact.

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  5. Anonymous6:55 AM

    I love this. I am definitely going to try this in the future. Iam a homebound teacher for our county and this may help ease test anxiety.

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