Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This year provides another first for me. I'm on the "interviewer" side of conducting interviews for possible openings next year. I'm not the only one asking questions, thank goodness, because it's good to get varied feedback and reactions to candidates. But here are some surprising things that seem to be a running theme. And by surprising, I mean, "have you not gone to basic interview 101 school, people?"

When you are asked, "do you have any questions?", here possibly are not good responses:
* No, I really can't think of any.
* Um, what time is your school day over?
* No, but you know, people always seem to ask that.
* Do you have to tutor a lot?

When asked about your career goals, you may not want to mention that in a year or two you plan on doing something else.

When showing up, if you haven't brought any samples of your work, why not?

When asked why you want to work at this particular school, hopefully your answer shows that you've researched us and can say something beyond words that imply, "I want to work with an easy population". First off, there's what SEEMS to be true and then there's reality. And also you don't just say you want a change from where you are, and that's it.

Oh, and maybe you can show up on time.
And maybe you want to wear something other than your sloppy work clothes.
Just saying.

Anyway, very interesting.


  1. This IS very interesting. I am hoping to participate in interviews in the likely event that my colleague resigns this year. If you are able to share some of your questions, I would be interested to see.

  2. Thank you for sharing!

  3. .....and check your fly and/or shirt buttons.