Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Statistics vs Calculus

It's choice sheet time, and our current crop of precalculus students (and algebra 2 students for that matter) are asking questions:

* What IS calculus?
* What IS statistics?
* Which one should I take?
* Can I take both eventually?

We've been having conversations on the fly, but I thought it would be good to get it all down on paper and send out a mass school e-mail. This way the students have a more informed way of making a decision as opposed to, "so and so said THIS one was easier .... or THIS one was the one to take .... or my friends are taking this one...".

Here's the document:


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  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    gasstationwithoutpumps ( says:

    A pretty good comparison. I have some minor quibbles: 1) very few
    architects do their own structural calculations these days---most hire a structural engineer to do it for them.

    Physicists don't do safety designs to specs---automotive engineers do.

    The graphics artists don't do the calculus on 3D models: the modellers may (though that is now often relegated to the software, which has some built-in physics simulations).

    So my objection isn't to the uses of calculus mentioned, merely
    getting the job titles wrong.