Sunday, January 22, 2012


I just got back from the Houston Regional T3 workshop and learned yet more things I can do with the TI-nspire.

* I now know how to use the student software to be useful to me
* I know how to link between calculator and computer/calculator to transfer things
* I know how to upload pictures onto the calculator and then use it for math, say on a graph page or a geometry page
* I know how to easily do piecewise function graphing

I'm very excited to use these activities for upcoming lessons.

AND. Something someone said sparked another idea. I'm wondering if there are any precalculus teachers out there with about 22 students that are willing to collaborate with my 22 students. I don't have a firm idea of the final product, but my thinking is along the lines of: we would somehow match up our "remote" pairs of students, and then they would have to work together to create something - blog, song, newsletter, podcast, other .... that has to do with precalculus - either teaching something as a review, finding a new thing that is associated with precalculus, coming up with a memory tool for a concept we've learned .... I want to leave it open enough, so that they can be creative and most likely think of something we don't envision. I do want to have more firm rules and periodic due dates along the way. I'm thinking of a project/activity that we give them about 3 or so weeks for. In this way, our students can find a new "math buddy" in another state, and they can learn skills of working with a total stranger to complete a task (good future working-life skill).

Any takers? If so, leave a comment, or send me e-mail (, and we can take it from there.

For that matter I have roughly 4 classes of geometry that we can do the same thing with. But in that case, I'd ultimately need about 86 or so total students.


  1. I also have 4 geometry classes with closer to 100 students. We have state test in May so we could do something semi-test-prep leading up to that, or have a lot more flexibility after that. It would be interesting for them to compare the courses in different states.

  2. Great .... if there are any more people that want to collaborate this way, maybe we can play match up with various teachers ... then every student can get a partner between more equal class sizes. Otherwise, thanks! We're "on".

  3. Hi Tina,

    I've been thinking about our #s. I have 85, and you have roughly 100. Is there a way you can get your "extra" kids to pair up between classes? Then we could play match up.

    Please send me e-mail and we can continue our conversation. I'm glad someone's willing to try this with me :).