Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finals Time...

As probably everyone else in the world, I can't believe fall finals are here already. It'll be great to be off and be able to get enough sleep. I think I'll also spend the holiday studying. Maybe I'll have some time for fun tasks.

Here's a sheet I made and the kids did for part of their geometry review.


  1. This is really beautiful. What software did you use? How much time did it take?

    I have 10th-grade geometers too. (Not the same as 9th-grade geometers, are they?) When I find myself working really hard on review sheets, I feel as if I'm denying the students to opportunity to do some *real* learning by developing such reviews on their own? Do you offer EC for student-made review questions?


  2. Thank you. I just use Microsoft word, and draw the heck out of it with the drawing tools. Time? I cut and paste some old figures, and I sketched out my problems by hand first, and then I typed and checked things later (and the kids STILL found a typo (think-o)). My best I planned it the night before and had time in the morning (2 hours?) to finish it up.

    I like your EC for student-made review questions idea .... but I think I'm too much of a control freak to follow through with it ... or I'd have to think it out some more to find a way that would work for me and for the kids.

  3. This is beautiful. However...

    Wouldn't the students learn much more by making these themselves? However...

    I used to assign outlines of chapters. I wanted to emulate the store-bought, laminated outlines. A cheat sheet that you would make if you could bring one into the test. One page per section max, so the cheat sheet would contain five to seven pages. Unfortunately, most students never made the effort to do anything more than copy the highlighted vocabulary words and the boxed key concepts verbatim from the book, so I stopped.

  4. FFred: yes, you're right, they may learn more if they made the problems themselves. I've done that in the past in different types of situations. Usually, these days, though, since I haven't consistently taught one subject for more than a few years at a time, and since I have more than one prep, I seem to always have to scramble at the last minute to make things happen.