Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas in Toronto

I'm spending a week in Toronto for Christmas with the in-laws. My body is wondering at the sudden change in temperatures and units. We went from a balmy 75ish degrees F to a super chilly -3 degrees C. Though I've heard that Texas now has a cold front with temperatures in the 50's F. Oooooh, discussion about the weather ... Well, there's some math in there, right?

I'm also having fun learning JAVA with the "Head First" book. It's also giving me teaching ideas ... Since they devote a whole first few pages on how people learn. I like their fireside chats with various new concepts and pictures to explain concepts and such.

Okay, off to downtown.


  1. Test retakes are very controversial at our high school too. Right now it is just a proposal. Our challenge will be implementing it for classes of 30+ students.

    Another controversial topic, but only because I keep bringing it up, is returning tests. Our policy is that all exams must stay on campus. I don't believe we have sufficient time in class for corrections and learning from mistakes. However, I do recognize the effort that we be needed to create new tests each year. What is your practice?

  2. I love it when books about computer programming discuss learning explicitly.

    BTW, I wish I only had 30+ students. (My average is 39.)