Saturday, September 04, 2010

Almost time for 1st Geometry Test

My geometry class practiced current concepts in class last time, and boy did they need it. I'm trying to get them to be more reflective this year as students and making them answer such questions in their notebook about how they're doing so far and what they need to do to learn. No matter what year I teach, I always feel like I'm in a rush to cover stuff. Rush, rush, rush. This makes me not want to "take a day" to have them practice in class. Ridiculous because most times I have them practice in class and just walk around, I hear great conversations and errors in thinking resolved and such. I must be a slow learner because I'm sure later on this year I'll be all, "oh! can't take a day to just practice. MUST. MOVE. ON." Oh well, maybe I can get an IEP for this and have a helper remind me periodically that it's REALLY not a race.

Here's what they practiced with in class:

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