Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's My Grade??

Probably like most teachers/schools, our grades are weighted for the grading period. Last year it was 45% homework and 55% tests/quizzes. Students always seem in such wide-eyed wonder as to how various pieces affect their grades. I think they're under the total points worth mentality, and this doesn't always translate into good grades.

Also, during the 1st day of school, I always have them do some math activity to get them thinking while I'm doing all my administrative stuff (roll call, seating chart, ...). So, VOILA, I decided next year to combine my 2 tasks into one. I have a draft of the "calculate your grade" assignment that I will hand out to all my students on the 1st day. Any suggestions on additions or revisions? I kind of hate to leave it at 3 pages since then I have a blank back page. Ideas?


  1. What a great idea! Our district has changed how they do finals/semester/year-long grading every year for the past five years, so the kids are always so confused.

    Options for the end of the third page: test grade of just barely passing, then multiple different homework grades. Or maybe some reflection, e.g. "how much homework have you done in previous math classes?"

    You could also print out the first two pages two to a page and then the third one full size so you would have a two-sided page to copy.

  2. Thanks for the ideas. I forgot about the 2 to a page option, but I like your next one better. This way I can get a sense of them as students on the first day.

    Ms. Cookie