Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shifting of Parabola Functions

I don't know how your school year is ending up, but at our school it's CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY. Practically every day the schedule is altered in some way, and we're all just practicing our deep breaths and our focus of just thinking of one wacky day at a time. Because of this I wanted a lesson that discussed shifting of graphs so that the kids could work independently in case I saw different classes for different amounts of time. Now I'm thinking I should do this more often. I really know I should, but other things get in the way.

Anyway, I like how this worked out. I told the kids I wouldn't help them and they had to work in their groups to figure things out while I walked around. I told them they could ONLY work on the 1st page and we'd talk before they went on. I walked around and cleared up misconceptions. We got through about 3 pages in a wacky 75 minute class after doing homework checks and such.

Here's the 1st & 4th pages: (and here is the whole packet of 4 pages)

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