Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quadratics Review

Woot Woot! Our school participated in a 10K today (which I think of as a 10K+ since we walked to and from our bus to the race place), and I actually ran/walked the whole thing. Oh yea! I think I'm hooked now. It was fun with the bands along the way and the various people cheering us on from the side lines. It was my 1st race, and here were my fears before hand: oh no! I'll get trampled by the faster people at the start of the race, and it'll be a tragedy reported on the news. or... oh no! I'll be so slow that there won't be any other runners in sight, so I won't know the route and I'll veer off the course and get lost. or ... oh no! what about bathroom issues? or ... oh no! my pasty white chubby legs will blind the other runners and there'll be another tragic accident from the glare that will be reported on the news. It turned out that there were runners of all shapes and sizes and ages, and I am now home safe, and if anyone was blinded from the glare, I didn't hear any cries of agony. I think of a phrase I read on another blog (crazyauntpurl? or yarnharlot?) that my "deficiencies" will make others feel better about themselves ... it's just a small service I provide to the world.

Anyway, in algebra we (and by we, you know who I mean) will have a test this week on our beginnings of quadratics, so I've created this self-checking review sheet for the kiddies that I like. Once again, the preview looks wonky, but it should download nicely. Also, the "English" of the sentence is probably cringe-worthy, but I didn't want to keep using the same words over again.

EDITED LATER: no matter HOW many times I checked this sheet, there apparently was still a mistake (which is now fixed on In the answer bank, the "-4x^6" should be "-4y^6". Thank you to a student with eagle eyes.


  1. Thank you. Excellent!

  2. Do you have your blog on Bloglovin? I would love to follow your blog.

    1. Anonymous10:45 PM

      Hi Pi! I think you just "edit the blogs you follow" and type in the URL. There may be other ways to do it, but that's how I add blogs to my list.