Sunday, April 25, 2010

Movies & Teacher Talk

I went to see "City Island" with my teacher friend today - my teacher friend that still works at my old "crazy" school. Loved the movie, loved spending time with my friend. She said something that resonated with me, "sometimes I just want to go do some volunteer work or something in another country with school children who still actually appreciate their education so that I don't get too far gone and cynical about the state of things."

She's dealing with kids that:
* just come to her class because it's a part of their probation,
* come to class and don't do anything but still expect to pass,
* don't show up on the day of their oral exam for no good reason and then expect to have time to do it again at their convenience.

I wonder if there are summer programs for teachers like this - 1-3 week programs where you can travel and volunteer and do something nice/beneficial for others in this "school" way and not have it be too much of a drain on your wallet. Maybe we should come up with something - the power of teachers.

Also, I'm wondering (and worrying) about Mrs. H and hope she's okay and just taking a blog break.


  1. I am worried about Mrs. H also.

    Your friend from your crazy school has my students as well. I am losing sleep about their passing - they aren't. Something is seriously wrong with that.

  2. You're right. There IS something seriously wrong. I read the craziness you're forced to put up with due to lack of consequences, and my heart goes out to you.

    Ms. Cookie