Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Stating the (not so) Obvious

You know how you go around all the time interacting with a set of people, and you have nice opinions of them in some sense but you never voice these things because in your mind you're thinking, "oh. THEY know that about themselves." Well, it turns out that either they don't, or they're unsure, or they just like to hear other people confirm what they *may* suspect or hope is true.

For example, I have a lovely friend in tap dancing. She's in her late 50's and funny and pretty and vibrant and wise. She's also a teacher (at a different school in a different subject), and she always has some common sense take on school occurrences. I'm forever thinking these things about her. Well, today she was telling me about meeting a gentleman for the first time and how unsure she is about her "package". Holy cow! I had to tell her that she was gorgeous, and he would be thanking his lucky stars when he laid eyes on her. She seemed totally taken aback and did not seem to think this about herself.

Now I'm wondering what other friends I need to pounce on and tell them all the good things I constantly think about them.


  1. You have one great blog! Being a math teacher I can relate. I thought I was one of the few with eccentricities in the classroom. I nominate your for a "One Lovely Blog Award". You can pick it up at my sewing blog at


  2. Psst! I often read your blog, too, even if I have no math comments to contribute! ;-) Have a restful summer!

  3. telling friends the wonderful things we think about them NURTURES the relationship. So, feel free to tell your friends the wonderful things you think about them. I keep saying I'm going to start sending folks cards/letters to share my "love" for them.

    P.S. I read you blog. But I often lag behind in reading and commenting. I apologize. . . your blog is wonderful, b/c you are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your teaching & thoughts with us.

  4. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Miss Teacha,

    I love your letter idea. It's so fun to get "real" mail that's not bills or junk mail. I'm ever hopeful when I trek to the mailbox that there'll be a card or letter or magazine in there.

    Ms. Cookie

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