Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My New Love Affair

Dear Webcam,

I love you. Today we started a "reverse engineering" project (don't ask), and you came through for me by easily allowing instant digital photos needed for our engineering notebook. Contrary to what your lens tells you, this is NOT a gun. It's a tape dispenser that we are to improve in some way. Thus, the inspecting and analyzing and taking apart and sketching and improving and drawing. Because of you, my technical toolbag has grown.

I also like your friend, Skype. We are concurrently working on a virtual project with other students in Ohio, Colorado, and South Carolina. Fancy Schmancy new skills.

I had to tell my husband about us. He now suggested I should reverse engineer the vacuum cleaner that keeps breaking because of SOMEONE'S long hair that keeps tripping up the inner workings. Good luck on that account.


Me (click click strike a pose)

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