Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wrapping Up the Year and School

Technically I have 4 school days left with children. I teach 5 of 6 classes that have seniors in them, and since seniors are having some finals early, I have NO FINALS ON THE LAST DAY. Woo Hoo. That will give me a huge chunk of time to pack up all my stuff and do "leaving chores".

I have to say that in my 12 years of teaching, this fall counted as my worst ever. This was not kid-related but adult-related, so in January I decided to look for a new school to teach at for next year. I found one, and based on several e-mails and encounters with my soon-to-be coworkers, I think it'll be a great place to work.

That doesn't mean it's not sad leaving a place I've worked at for 6 years, leaving students I've grown to love and would have been teaching calculus to next year, leaving many other teachers that I respect and enjoy being around, leaving a comfort zone of routines that I know, leaving a place where students know me.

And then there's the constant battle of thoughts in my head:
- you're jumping ship when you should have stayed and fought for what's right
- you can't work for people you don't respect
- you're moving to a functional place
- you're deserting the kids
- you'll have better mental health next year and more to share with the kids
- you'll never see these teachers again
- change is good
- change is scary
- will it be weird
- will it be better


  1. I hear you loud and clear. After 11 years I'm jumping ship too and I'm terrified and excited all at once. It is such a strange mix of emotions. This week has been tough. Half my pre-ap algebra II class was crying this morning as I was trying to say my goodbyes. It messed me up for the rest of the day.

    I wish you well in your new school. At least we will have many new blog topics for next school year! Are you going to CAMT this year in Houston? I will be presenting.

  2. Congrats on the new job. Good luck at the new school.

    I hope you will keep us all updated about how the transition goes.

  3. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Thanks for both your good wishes.

    Mrs. H. ... I saw that you found a new job. Congratulations! I'm crossing my fingers for your husband, too. I would have definitely come to CAMT this year, but one of my 1,000 summer workshops happens to be in Austin that week. Good luck on your talk, though, and have fun.

    Ms. Cookie

  4. Anonymous1:38 PM

    I'm looking for a new job as well and I feel like I am letting down the students. No matter where you go, kids will be kids. I have to keep reminding myself that I will form the same relationships with my students at any location.

    Best of luck...

  5. Anonymous5:15 AM

    That's a good point to remember. Thank you.

    Ms. Cookie

  6. I have enjoyed reading your ideas for presenting different topics in pre-calculus and calculus. I am curious--do you know what courses you will be teaching at your new school?

  7. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Hello annkas,

    The new school is actually just starting up a high school portion, so there will just be 9th graders (and eventually 9-12). Next year I believe I will have geometry preAP, algebra 1 preAP, and some sort of engineering course (which I have to learn about soon).

    I'd love to keep my precalculus and calculus wheels turning, so if you ever have questions, please ask and let me spout off my opinions :).

    Ms. Cookie

  8. congratulations on the new position. Sometimes a change is needed