Friday, May 01, 2009

Inappropriate Religious Jokes

Whew! TAKS is over, and today we resumed our regularly scheduled program of classes. I taught the basics of sequences and series in my precalculus preAP class 1st period. I had lunch. On my way back to my classroom after lunch, I ran into a student who walked and talked with me down the hall to my classroom. She was gabbing at me once we got into my class, and then all of a sudden she half shouts, "Jesus!". I quickly turned around to see where she was looking, half expecting to see a mouse or rat or bat or some such thing.

But, no, she literally meant, "Jesus". There was a 1.5 inch doll / flashlight in the form of Jesus on the floor. She proceeded to put sticky notes on him and hang him on my overhead. The notes said, "Math Jesus" and (being a calculus student) "integral of f(x) dx".

Oh my. In the remainder of the day, I had to make reference to the Jesus on my overhead:

Jesus wants you to stop chatting and do your work.
Jesus says to study this weekend for your AP Calculus exam.

Boo Hiss.

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