Saturday, April 19, 2008


I was at an AP Calculus prep session for the students most of the day today. There were 3 sessions running in parallel, and 4 different time slots throughout the day. I sat in on the sessions and worked along with the students. One teacher had great problems, and he'd keep talking and talking and say, "okay now you work the problems", and then he'd only give us 1 second (or so it seemed) before he started talking again - either about something else, or to start working the problem.

It made me reflect and wonder if I do this more than I should. I know I try to shush up with enough time for the kids to work, but at the same time I'm clock watching and stressing about finishing in time and getting everything in and then maybe rushing the kids.

I also tried something different in BC calculus on Friday. I handed them my notes from "math camp" on parametrics, and then also handed them a separate packet of problems with answers provided in the back. On each of my "camp" notes, after each problem that had been worked out, I had written on their copies, "now work problem so-and-so". I barely talked to them at all, and only monitored to see if there was any clarification needed. They worked like champs all period, and were doing all the problems. Hopefully, they'll continue over the weekend, as I told them there'd be a "free response" quiz the next time they came to class.

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