Friday, April 25, 2008

Idea for post AP exam calculus

The last 2 years I've done different things after the AP exams in my calculus classes. One year we did a rubber foam volumes of cross sections project. One year we discussed "multiple" integrals and (non calculus) counting and adding and multiplying in different-than-10 bases.

I just had a thought I haven't fleshed out for what to do this year. I'm thinking of getting a list of topics that span the calculus year, and having the students make short videos that teach or showcase the topic. That way I can post the useful ones on my website for the next year's students to have a different perspective on things they may struggle with. Also, the students are creative, and I think they may come up with good stuff.

Grading? I'm thinking there has to be a time limit (less than 4 or so minutes), effective (to be judged by other students), creative (again judged by students), done on time, ....

One issue may be various student access to video equipment. Another issue is size of groups working on one video. We'll see ...

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  1. Anonymous5:39 AM

    hi ms. cookie!

    i did something very similar this year in my algebra ii class (you can see the results here: the project itself has its problems - but i've already started thinking of ways for it to be done more effectively next year. even though my expectations were clear, the "do it on your own" detail oriented stuff was hard for some students (some missed the deadline completely, many started their video the day before it was due).

    some of the videos are pretty great, while some are pretty disappointing.

    the goal was to make this archive useful for my own students to use when studying for the final exam, but i wonder if most of the videos are good for that.

    again, next year will probably go down differently.

    i was also looking, for my own calculus class, for videos on volumes, because i just can't draw the rotations of regions on the board really effectively, and i want them to visualize them well. well, i found this set of videos online which is really well done:

    if you care for my rubric, my advice on how to make a good video, and all the other documentation i used, just shoot me an email - it might cut down on some of your work.