Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Unclear on the Concept

Once a week we have a 30 minute advisory where we meet with one group of kids and are basically their mom/dad on campus making sure they don't slip through the cracks. We have the same kids for 10th - 12th grades. This week I printed out their progress reports in all their classes and as I was checking in with each kid, I saw that two 11th grade boys who were sitting next to each other were both failing math, and they had the same teacher. I asked what the deal was.

One boy shrugged and said, "I don't know. He puts these problems on the board, and we're supposed to copy them and then he gives us problems to do at home." The other boy piped up with, "I think it's because he's a first year teacher." I was not understanding what they were implying, so I asked for clarification. Then one boy said, "well, then the next day he just puts more examples on the board, and then he assigns us more problems."

Oh my! The nerve of this teacher assigning homework. AND. expecting it to get done and giving a grade. I'm calling Amnesty International.

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