Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Class Statistics Continued ...

I taught my 2nd 2 "box & whisker" classes today (we're on block schedule), and after some of your comments, I polled my class and mentioned that we already did hours of sleep, and we also did TV watched. Did they want to do cell phone contacts or text messages? They liked that idea, but then other ideas started popping up, and we voted. Number of songs on your ipod or mp3 player eeked out front. I don't have a cell phone or a music player, so I didn't know what type of numbers I was in for. Sheesh. Our numbers ranged from 44 to 3100.

In my next class we took a poll again, and I thought this would be not so exciting, but their choice of number of shoes they have was interesting. We decided flip flops and slippers and cleats would count. I thought boys wouldn't have as many, but some did. The numbers ranged from 5 to 80 (now, the 80 girl had a sister with the same size foot, so they shared, that was her story and she was sticking to it). One guy had 60 (I guess tons of fancy shmancy sneakers). A girl with 5 pairs widened her eyes at the larger numbers.


  1. We've done number of heart beats (in 15 seconds), stride length, and average number of hours spent online per day.

  2. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Those are cool ones. Thanks for the ideas. I wonder if the kids were aware ahead of time what their heart beats would be - if they had a sense of the magnitude of it.

    Ms. Cookie