Sunday, December 02, 2007


I felt a cold coming on last week at the start of the week, and then, wham, on Thursday and Friday, I guess my tonsils were so swollen, they constricted my throat, and I basically had no voice. I don't like to take days off, so I plowed through and sounded throaty and squeaky and husky and not as loud as I wanted to be. My kids were great, though, and they shushed each other, and we got through it. But oh my goodness, it's Sunday right now, and I still speak funny.

I tried something different in all my classes. After we went over homework, I handed out a 1/4 sheet of scratch paper, and put a 1 question "homework quiz" on the overhead (cough cough ... document camera, that is ... I'm so lucky). They couldn't use their notes or talk with people. I walked around and checked their progress, and made suggestions as needed. After a wee bit, I asked them to write down their status "yes I got it", "I needed to look at my notes", "I got help from ____ and then got it", etc. We discussed answers, and I collected them. This will give me a better sense of who needs help, and it will also allow me to make comments on the "quizzes" that they can read when I hand them back tomorrow.

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